Flowheels are simple yet potent guides to personal growth.
They unleash the power of compounding cycles to transform lives.

Flowheel is like a golden compass that is custom-calibrated to your highest self. It empowers your confident navigation through life, guiding every precious moment with intention and clarity. Goodbye, heady goals and expectations... Hello, heart-centered FLOW. 


First, I earned my corporate stripes in Silicon Valley. Then, I explored the globe in applied study of consciousness, culture, and personal development.


The traveling journey lasted two years - Along the way I...

  • Attended countless personal growth workshops & retreats

  • Read mountains of growth-hack and philosophical books

  • Braved numerous adventures into the depths of it all

Ultimately, Flowheels is the silver bullet birthed from the "how do I become a better person" madness. My Wheel became the true north of my lifestyle. I tossed out the complex crap and never looked back.

No matter how the world changes, my Flowheel guides me to peace, connection, meaning, and joy. Take it from a former restless seeker, if you crave grounded harmony in your life, a Flowheel is your final destination.

Personal Flow

One 3.5 hour workshop
One Flowheel per participant
Interactive + Reflective + Collaborative
Goal: Elevate personal wellbeing & lifestyle

Flowheel workshops are like productive group therapy. We explore ambition, lifestyle, and mindfulness in a zero-judgement gathering. Guided prompts spark deep introspection as we weave through phases of reflection and collaboration. The Flowheel framework provides a dependable garden for the seeds of our session to grow in your everyday life. Each workshop participant leaves with their own bespoke Flowheel.

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  • Drop-in meditation

  • Expectations v Intentions v Boundaries

  • 2 writing prompts  ​

  • Inquiry & reflection sandboxes

  • Group discussion & guidance​

  • Build your bespoke Flowheel

My True North

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 The AXLE is a private community for Flowheel workshop alumni. We're dedicated to growth, support, accountability, and collective expansion.

The AXLE convenes as a monthly empowerment forum. Each session is an opportunity to learn from a featured guest and commune with Heartful leaders.



Private Workshops

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Will Green

Associate, McKinsey & Company

"In a remote work environment, it is increasingly important to re-define your personal operating model . FloWheels are a terrific tool for this. Daniel's calm and collected nature does an incredible job putting workshop participants at ease, opening deep reflection into the development mechanisms that maximize their potential.  The combination of introspection, meditation, personal exercises and positive energy with the FloWheel framework is a unique exercise to develop and re-focus on your personal goals.  Articulating and sharing my FloWheel with my loved ones and my peers is a radically new approach to developing trusting relationships."

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Joanne Bradford

Author / Counselor / Founder

"I found the FloWheels workshop to be an intimate, practical and very collaborative experience. The group size allowed for us to share and discuss our discoveries, as Daniel led us through the process. I particularly appreciated the supportive environment that was created during the session. I came away with clarity and fresh insights around how to better take care of my wellbeing and carve out time for what's most important."

Interested in a private Flowheel workshop for your team, friends, or family? Please reach out to chat logistics and objectives.

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