Flowheels are simple yet potent growth engines.
Flowheels unleash the power of compounding cycles to create momentum.
Flowheels elevate intention and execution as a guiding compass.

Flowheel building workshops are like productive group therapy. We explore intention, lifestyle, relationships, and mindfulness in an expansive zero-judgement gathering. Guided prompts spark deep conversation & introspection as we weave through phases of inquiry, reflection, collaboration, and creation. The Flowheel framework provides a dependable garden for the hearty seeds of our session to grow in your everyday life.


Ask yourself... do you enjoy engaging dialogue with humans who are dedicated to becoming healthier, more energized, and impactful versions of themselves? Right, Flowheels are your jam.

Personal Flow

One 4-hour workshop
Hosted Online
One Flowheel per participant
Interactive + Reflective + Collaborative
Goal: Elevate personal wellbeing, growth, and lifestyle

Ask Yourself...

  • What do all my best days have in common? How about my worst?

  • What gnaws at me when ignored for too long? What does my soul crave?

  • Which environments help me bounce back from challenging times?

  • What empowers me to make bold, fearless decisions?

  • What brings me deep tranquility... a feeling of being at peace?

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  • Drop in meditation & intention​ setting

  • Discussion: Flowheel dynamics

  • 2 short writing prompts  ​

  • Deep inquiry+reflection worksheets

  • Group discussion & guidance​

  • Complete the Flowheel

Example Flow

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 The AXLE is a private community for Flowheel workshop alumni. We're dedicated to growth, support, accountability, and collective expansion.

The AXLE convenes as a monthly empowerment forum. Each session is an opportunity to learn from a featured guest and commune with like-minded leaders.

Workshop Testimonials


Sugu Venkat

Senior PM, SoFi

Ilana Butler

Founder / Coach / Facilitator

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Arthur Ciley

Customer Success, MixPanel


Custom Workshop


Interested in our leading you, a group of friends, or your team through a private Flowheel workshop? Please reach out to chat logistics and objectives.

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