Season's Breathings
Dec 02, 4:00 PM PST
Zoom Workshop

Season's Breathings is a deep exploration into Breathwork.

We host virtually so the experience is safe and accessible for all humans in all places.

Take an epic ride through the seasons on a Breathing Journey with Daniel and Chelsea. Come breathe deeply, in flow with the powerful cycles of our planet, while a dynamic soundscape guides us through release (fall), stillness (winter), rebirth (spring), and expansion (summer)... ultimately returning our souls to a state of peaceful surrender. Nature and breath are our wisest teachers. We’ll ask them for guidance. Each of us will listen. Winter is coming. Are you ready?


In this Journey, we’ll explore the breath, vocal toning, intuitive movement, and dreamy naturescapes.  To close, we’ll convene in circle to share and witness nuggets from our experiences. This Journey is for courageous explorers of self and spirit. Let's bring it.

Your Guides

Hello, we're Chelsea and Daniel.

Our dynamic partnership embodies a unique balance of New & Old, East & West, Feminine & Masculine, and Internal & External that builds bridges to mold-shattering experiences. We may team up in all facets of life, but co-guiding embodiment journeys for courageous humans is of our highest excitement.

We're so grateful for your interest - We hope you'll join US.

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Energetic Perspective

We breathe to live... and relax, expand, release, energize, and adapt. Guided breathwork is the gateway to our bodies and the unconscious realm, where old patterns and stored memories live. These dictate our present behavior and overall wellbeing. Through conscious breathing, we connect to our true selves and clear all that does not serve US.

Scientific Perspective

We breathe to live... Inhale. Absorb nutrients. Deliver nourishment to every single cell (tissues, bones, and organs). Convert energy to perform all bodily functions. Energy becomes waste. Exhale. Dispel toxins from the body. Repeat & recycle. Our health, emotions, mental capacity, and nervous/immune systems rely on breath. Westerners use, on average, 30% of their lung capacity.

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Enough of the restrictive Mind...

We drop into the expansive Heart

Heartful Being is our foundational lifestyle

We drop fear, shame, and control to create space for the full spectrum human experience.

Any Questions?

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