Take an epic ride through the seasons on a breathing exploration with Daniel and Chelsea.


Together, we weave with the powerful cycles of our planet. Chelsea drops us in with a dreamy naturscape visualization... meandering through golden mountain meadows, aspen groves, and forest streams.


Then, a dynamic soundscape guides us through release (fall), stillness (winter), rebirth (spring), and celebration (summer)... ultimately returning our souls to a state of peaceful surrender. This is an opportunity to go deep with US - The journey is for courageous explorers of self and spirit.


This exploration develops your self-sourced belief in the power of breath, vocal expression, and movement to navigate life. If you're over complex philosophies and conceptual hula-hoops, then welcome to your landing pad. Season's Breathings is like embodiment gymboree. 


Enjoy the ride. Take care of yourself. And remember, never force anything. 


Learn more about our unique breathing style with this foundational video.


By downloading this recording and guiding your own breathing exploration, you accept Beacon's Embodiment Waiver & Release.

Season's Breathings - Fall 2020