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Season's Breathings

In this deep dive workshop, we'll breathe to the powerful cycles of our planet, while a dynamic soundscape guides us through release (fall), stillness (winter), rebirth (spring), and expansion (summer)... ultimately returning our souls to a state of peaceful surrender. Winter is coming. Are you ready? 

Saturday, December 12th, 10:00a-12:00p PST 

Breathe with US

Breathe with US is a dynamic breathwork exploration. We celebrate our most critical bodily function. Every Journey is unique. The people, the music, the meditation, the connection. 

Every Sunday @4:00pm PST 

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Sing with US

Sing with US is a vocal toning exploration. 

Every Weds @9:00am PST (starting Jan 6th)  

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Dance with US

Dance with US is an intuitive movement exploration. 

Every Friday @ 9:00am PST (starting Jan 8th)