Dance with US

We are US - We are one

Dance with US is an intuitive movement exploration

On Fridays, we gather in unified presence. As you Dance with US, all of your soul is given permission to rock the mic. From deep pain to immense joy, expansive creativity to penetrating reflection, nothing is beyond our breath... as she knows just how to open our hearts. Limitless possibilities await those with the courage to Journey.

Flow: Chelsea guide exploration of the body. Daniel plays a live DJ set to fuel the experience. Peacefully arrive with a nature visualization meditation. Move to the tune of curious inquiry and a dynamic soundscape that peaks into a crescendo of melodic expansion. Settle into a deep, nourishing rest as you embody nuggets from your experience.


Every journey is unique... The humans, the music, the planetary and societal context, the guidance, and our collectivity. We hope to see you regularly.

First Timer?  Amazing. All experience levels are welcomed. We'll give you the skills to self regulate your Journey - You'll decide how deep you allow your body to take you. 

WHEN:  ​ FRIDAYS, 8:30 - 10:00am PST (Starting January 8th, 2021)

WHERE:  ZOOM - Register below for the link

US is free and open to all humans

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We dance to live... and relax, expand, release, energize, and adapt. Movement creates a bridge from the restless mind to our intuitive bodies, where deep wisdom, healing, and peace are available. Each journey opens access to the unconscious realm, where our old patterns and stored memories accumulate. These constrict our present behavior and affect wellbeing. We breathe to connect to our truest selves and clear that which does not serve US.


There's only so much that can be said, taught, or cited.  Trust your intuition... if you are here and curious, then you are ready to Dance with US.  

Your Guides

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Hello, we're Chelsea and Daniel.

Our dynamic partnership embodies a unique balance of New & Old, East & West, Feminine & Masculine, and Internal & External that builds bridges to mold-shattering experiences. We may team up in all facets of life, but co-guiding embodiment experiences for courageous humans is of our highest excitement.

Chelsea studied under movement mentors around the world. By combining ancient wisdom of ceremony and space-holding with our passions for music, movement, and storytelling, we offer a fully immersive experience for modern times. One that celebrates you at the helm of your inner explorations and healing. 

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Enough of the complicated Mind...

Dance drops US into the intuitive Body

Heartful Being is our foundational lifestyle

We drop fear, shame, and control to create space for the full spectrum human experience.

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