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We serve the teams & companies who truly get it. You know, the ones devoted to walking and building their talk of a new way forward. You know, the ones who don't take themselves too seriously, but move mountains for a heart-led mission. If you're actively creating a piece of the compassionate future, consider US allies. If you work culture embodies a approach to the old rat-racing ways, we are your comrades.
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We literally breathe life into business & HR objectives through magical alternatives. Bringing US in is like adding an adaptability dojo to your office... virtually or brick and mortar, we enhance your team's capacity to thrive in ever-faster-changing circumstances. Our collection of embodiment practices are designed to raise perspectives , ignite creativity, reduce stress, and  enliven camaraderie. Is your team ready for a new spark?
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We're Daniel & Chelsea, founders of Beacon Collective. Every experience we create, space we hold, and project we support is in service to humanity's new day.


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We're all about long-form engagement. You commit to US, we commit to your team. This is not that check - the - mindfulness - box gig that lets your board sleep well at night. No, we learn the ins and outs of your culture, people, and goals to deliver needle-moving results and real-deal employee appreciation. Lifestyle.
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Feel the Difference

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"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”  Alan Watts

Our philosophy on human energetics is grounded in modern science and practical application. Our programmes explore embodiment techniques that have been proven to generate the results which all facets of your organization desires.
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Flowheel Workshops

Flowheel workshops are like productive group therapy. We explore ambition, lifestyle, and mindfulness in a supportive environment. Guided prompts spark deep introspection as we weave a team through phases of reflection and collaboration. The Flowheel framework provides a dependable garden for the seeds of our session to thrive. Each participating team member leaves with their own bespoke Flowheel.

We are a limb of your living breathing entity.
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