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Beacon Retreats

We co-create the Heartful experience of our collective dreams. 

Due to COVID-19, all Beacon Retreats are on hold until travel/gathering becomes safe and reliable... There are our core retreat offerings. Which are you keen on joining us for?


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Vision Quest

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Cabin Escape

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Enough of the overthinking Mind...

We lead from the loving Heart

Heartful Being is our foundational lifestyle

We embody this Beacon of shared knowing to trade language & thought barriers for limitless communion

Camp Fires

A Heartful community



Resource sharing


City-wide partnerships

Diverse & repurposed

Collaboration commons 

Self-expression sanctuaries


Local & online events

Nature retreats

Collaboration circles

Collective-led meetups


Business alignment

Original ​stories & perspective

Development workshops

Events & podcast

The Power of Shared Experience

"Come and see for yourself" - The Buddah's sentiment stands true for Beacon. We're devoted to walking the talk of transformation. Real magic occurs when we unite Heartful Beings through epic shared experiences. These environments are a sacred gift. It is our highest honor to create them.

​Chelsea and Daniel embody Beacon's vibration and serve as shepherds for the Collective's growing energy. Our offerings provide action-based guidance to improve adaptability, build resilience, expand impact, and elevate wellbeing for all.

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Our Collective agrees that if we embody Heartful Being, we will save the beauty of our souls and the planet. With Beacon, with a supportive group of brothers & sisters who are motivated by the same mission and ethos, we can go far.
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Workshop + Growth + Community

The AXLE is a Beacon community, exclusively for alumni of our signature Flowheel workshop. Members of The AXLE are dedicated to growth, accountability, and collective expansion.


The AXLE convenes as a monthly empowerment forum. Each session is an opportunity to learn from a featured guest and commune with heart-led leaders.

"If we are going to wake up, we have to wake up together.
Never has that been more true than now" 
Joanna Macy
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