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On Sundays and Wednesdays, we come together to remember what is always available... Unity. Our breath connects our mind, body, and soul. Each breath has the power to bring us back to a unified presence. As you breathe with US, all of your inner parts and voices are given permission to step up and rock the mic. No pain is turned away. No release is constrained. Nothing is too heavy for breath. She is mighty, wise, and knows just how to open our hearts. So we can feel unity within and unity with our fellow humans.

Class Flow:  Chelsea and Daniel co-guide 90 minutes of learning, practice, and communion around our most critical bodily function. After a brief intro, we drop-in with a nature-inspired meditation to establish grounded presence... Then, we breathe deeply to the tune of curious inquiry, child-like wonder, caring guidance, and an expansive musical soundscape.


Every session is unique. The people, the music, the meditation, the connection. US is a community. We hope to see you regularly.

First Timer? Amazing, join the Zoom up to 20 minutes early for a wide open Q&A on session specifics and to learn the building blocks of an optimized breathing pattern for practice during and beyond the US container.

We are US. We are one.

US is an expansive online Breathwork journey.


  • WEDNESDAYS, 10am PST // 6pm London

  • SUNDAYS, 4:00 - 5:30pm PST 

Where:  Zoom (you'll receive a link after registering)

US is a donation based experience - We are super grateful to receive any contributions (suggested $15)

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Hello, we're Chelsea and Daniel. Welcome.


Although we respect the warnings of mixing business with romance, we trust that as partners in heart, we’ll be ideal partners in this business. We now invite you into our world of creation.

Our fledgling relationship has seen it all. The first month was long distance... the second was scattered all around California… the next two were quarantined in the northern Rockies. Deep stabilizing breaths were our saving grace in coming together. Thankfully, as trained Breathwork facilitators, appreciation for our breath was more natural for us than most couples. We now rise into our first offering, together, bringing a flavor of guided Breathwork we have not seen represented often, if at all. 

We're so grateful for your interest - We hope you'll join US.




Energetic Perspective

We breathe to live... and relax, expand, release, energize, and adapt. Guided breathwork is the gateway to our bodies and the unconscious realm, where old patterns and stored memories live. These dictate our present behavior and overall wellbeing. Through conscious breathing, we connect to our true selves and clear all that does not serve US.

Scientific Perspective

We breathe to live... Inhale oxygen. Absorb nutrients. Deliver nourishment to every single cell (tissues, bones, and organs). Convert energy to perform all bodily functions. Energy becomes waste. Exhale. Dispel toxins from the body. Repeat & recycle. Our health, emotions, mental capacity, and nervous/immune systems rely on breath. Westerners use, on average, 30% of their lung capacity.

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