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We unite Heartful Beings through epic shared experiences.


Our Collective is an ever-evolving expression of diversity, openness, integrity, and love.

Beacons are humans who courageously lead by example from a place of heart-centered awareness.

This is a landing pad for Beacons to illuminate & spread the infinite wisdom of love binding us all.


We're building the New Earth - There's room for everyone - Welcome to the Beacon Collective

Chelsea Didier

Chelsea is a master transformational artist. After earning accolades in the acting and dance world, she experienced a series of awakenings over several years. That journey guided her to certifications, modalities, seminars, retreats, and ceremonies all over the world, led by some of the most powerful practitioners alive. These in-depth teachings and experiences fueled her devotion to a life of embodying presence and truth. She is proud to intimately guide the leaders of the New Earth Paradigm... now, alongside Daniel.

  • Mentor, facilitator, healer, trauma resolver

  • Intuitive, adaptive, empathetic, compassionate

  • Flexible, responsive, channel, embodied, quantum

  • Feel, dance, create, celebrate, expand

Daniel Kern

Daniel is a visionary change-maker. After earning his corporate stripes in Silicon Valley, he travelled the globe for 3 years in applied study of consciousness, culture, and personal development. This journey changed the entire course of his career and life. All experiences can be distilled down into a powerful foundational mission - Daniel offers his all to liberate the world into the deepest possible Integrity, Love, and Openness... now, alongside Chelsea. 


  • Business, marketing, management, startup, futurist

  • Analytical, pragmatic, strategic, systemic, tech

  • Structure, routine, habit, process, evolution

  • Orient, ground, plan, simplify, execute

Our dynamic partnership embodies a unique balance of New & Old

East & West, Feminine & Masculine, Internal & External, New Paradigm & Old Paradigm

We pull awareness and wisdom from a vast perspective to guide powerful individual, cultural, and systemic revolution. Chelsea and Daniel embody the vibration and serve as shepherds for the Collective's growing energy. Our offerings provide action based guidance to improve adaptability, build resilience, expand impact, and elevate wellbeing for all.

We respected the warnings of mixing business with romance... but as partners in heart and truth, we make ideal partners in this mission. Welcome into our world of creation.


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