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Beacon Collective

We're creating the good life of our dreams in The Last Best Place


A heart-led community


Resource sharing


Town-wide partnerships

Diverse & repurposed

Self-expression sanctuaries


Local & virtual experiences

Collaboration circles

Collective-led meetups


Local volunteering

Fundraising for impact


Land stewardship

The HEART of Bozeman
Beacon unites good humans, heart rebels, mindful newcomers, and local leaders to amplify our town's radical energy.
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The Power of 
Shared Experience

Come and feel for yourself. We're devoted to walking the talk of transformation. Magic occurs when courageous people unite through shared experiences. These environments are sacred and it is an honor to create and enjoy them together.

We embody heart-led living and serve as shepherds for Bozeman's evolution. We support experiences that light up the soul, expand positive impact, and elevate wellbeing for all.

Dedicated to our community
A portion of all event revenues is donated to local organizations who passionately support the wellbeing of our people, our communities, and the cherished land we call home. We believe it's critical to give back like this and are grateful to play a part in elevating life for all.
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Our Collective agrees that if we live from the heart, we will save the beauty of our souls and the planet. With Beacon, with a supportive group of brothers & sisters who are motivated by a shared ethos, we can go far.